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Welcome to the Made In Weizmann Portal
A single entry point for Databases, FTP Servers, On-line Data Processing engines and Software designed and developed at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel.
1st Made In Weizmann Conference
26th January 2011
Schmidt Lecture Hall
Dr. Jaime Prilusky

Bio::Maxd provides methods for uploading and retrieving data to/from a maxd (MySQL) database.
Dr. Jaime Prilusky

A complete framework for managing and publishing activities (Workshops, Conferences, Courses) and dealing with registrations to lectures and practices.
Dr. Miriam Eisenstein
Noga Kowalsman, M.Sc.

MolFit is a protein-protein docking program, which uses grid representations of the docked molecules and FFT to calculate the correlation between the representations. MolFit was very successful in the recent CAPRI blind docking prediction tests. The program can be downloaded from our site.
Ron Milo, M.Sc.
Shalev Itzkovitz, M.Sc.
Nadav Kashtan, M.Sc.
Dr. Uri Alon

Network Motifs detection software. Enumerates all n-node connected subgraphs (n=3,4,5...) and compares their counts to random networks with the same degree sequences. Detects Network Motifs - subgraphs which appear in the network in significantly higher numbers than in the random networks.
Dr. Jaime Prilusky

PassportŠ is a small application to ease the process of opening a secure channel to the WIS, by authenticating yourself to the Firewall server.
Ofra Golani
Dr. Meirav Galun
Dr. Ronen Basri
Dr. Ida Rishal
Prof. Michael Fainzilber

Neurite length and morphology analysis of fluorescent microscopy images of nerve cells.
Ofra Golani
Dr. Meirav Galun
Dr. Ronen Basri
Dr. Suha Naffar Abu-Amara
Prof. Benny Geiger

Quantitative analysis of high throughput cell migration assay. The cell migration assay is based on a modified Phagokinetic tracks procedure, in which motile cells "leave their tracks" on a specialized surface
Ofra Golani
Dr. Hagit Dafni
Reut Avni, M.Sc.
Prof. Michal Neeman

Analysis and Visualization of MRI data

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